Monday, September 10, 2012

The History of Electric Motors

In the 1830s, Michael Faraday made a account that has made work easier for all of us. Term experimenting with magnets he erect that moving a wire through a magnetic field would produce an electric current. This experiment is important now it led to the enlightenment of the operating dirt of electric motors and generators.

A motor is a rotating gadget that converts electrical energy into scientific energy. A generator, on the other hand, is a rotating apparatus that converts specialized energy into electrical energy.

When we speak about electric motors and motor repair, we are typically referring to bull industrial equipment, however, the legitimacy is that electric motors are at work all around us at home, work, school, and even at play.

Electric motors play a very important part in furnishing power for all types of domestic and industrial applications. Their versatility, dependability, and economy of operation cannot be equaled by any other form of motive power.

Currently, there is a growing demand for electric motor sales, as well as experienced repairing experts. When choosing a sales or repair location make sure to check that they are EASA members and have been trained in the latest IEEE and NEMA specfications.

These motors, the machine they drive, and motor controller are interrelated. They need to be considered a package when choosing a specific device for a particular application.

In general, five basic factors influence the selection of a controller:

Electric Service - Establish whether the service is dc or ac. If ac, determine the number of phases and the frequency - in addition to the voltage.

Motor -

Operating Characteristics of the Controller -

Environment -

National codes and Standards - Motor and motor control equipment are designed to meet the provisions of the National Electrical Code ( NEC ):

Occupational Safety and Health Act ( OSHA )

National Electric Manufacturers Association ( NEMA )

Underwriters Laboratories ( UL )

Each of which provide safety and practical information in the application of electric motors and controls.

There are new governmental standards on efficiency of electric motors ( IEE - 84I ).